Corona Virus (Covid-19) - Operator Update

UPDATED 20/03/2020 14.54 GMT

Here are the latest updates from all ferry operators regarding Corona Virus (Covid-19) and sailings -

DFDS Dover - Calais - Dunkerque


  • No sailing schedule changes
"To support those undertaking essential travel at this difficult time, we will continue to provide a complimentary meal for all drivers, although bars, restaurants and shops for passengers on board will be closed until further notice. There are no changes to our sailing schedules and we will work hard to ensure that freight customers can undertake essential travel." DFDS Freight

"We, at DFDS have taken the step of reducing the maximum number of people allowed on each crossing by 50% on our Dover Calais, Dover Dunkirk and Newhaven Dieppe routes until at least the 6th April. However, I must emphasise that presently there are NO changes to our sailing schedules and from a freight perspective our freight capacity and service offerings remain are unchanged." DFDS Freight

"Various countries are currently introducing extensive measures to delay the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus. DFDS will naturally adapt to the recommendations and advice provided. However, the governments do not want to bring transportation to a halt. Therefore, we will continue operating our ferry routes." DFDS Freight Read more

P&O Ferries Freight


  • Saturday Hull <> Zeebrugge sailings cancelled
  • Revised timetable on Larne - Cairnryan
  • Some services unaccompanied only. Please check
  • No drivers on 03.00 Liverpool and 15.00 Dublin sailings
  • All freight routes operational
  • Dublin <> Liverpool - single cabins only
"We wish to inform you that as from Saturday 21st March, we will cancel our Saturday Hull to Zeebrugge and Zeebrugge to Hull sailings until further notice. This is due to the current need to switch our vessels to freight only mode carrying unaccompanied units and freight self drive vehicles only. Please note we are able to offer space on our Zeebrugge-Tilbury and Zeebrugge -Teesport routes." P&O Ferries Freight

"Due to increased unaccompanied demand, we have revised our Larne Cairnryan timetable and will operate an amended sailing schedule until further notice. Effective from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice." P&O Ferries Freight Read more

"Please be advised that we continue to operate our daily services for self-drive business between Hull-Europoort and Hull-Zeebrugge. We now guarantee single berth cabins on both routes, and have the capacity to meet your demand. All cabins, and living areas on-board our ships are hygienically cleaned, we are operating fresh air ventilation systems, and all food meets the highest hygiene standards. P&O Ferries will take care of your drivers." P&O Ferries Freight

P&O will no longer be taking any drivers on their 0300 sailing ex Liverpool and 1500 ex Dublin with immediate effect until further notice.

"To avoid any doubts we would like to confirm that our Freight routes are fully operational and will continue until any further notice." P&O Ferries Freight

"Tilbury - Zeebrugge - Our vessels on the Thames route each have 6 double berth cabins, allowing a maximum of 12 drivers. As a responsible shipping company, we have taken the decision to limit each cabin to sole occupancy. With immediate effect, the number of self-drive vehicles will be limited to 6 per sailing. Obviously, with circumstances changing rapidly, we will be closely monitoring the situation. We apologise for any inconvenience caused." P&O Ferries Freight

"Dublin <> Liverpool - In order to reduce the risk to our customers and crew, P&O Ferries have taken the decision to offer drivers single occupancy cabins only with immediate effect." P&O Ferries Freight

Eurotunnel Freight
  • Currently no restrictions
"You can be reassured that currently there are no travel restrictions in place between the UK and France and we continue to run our freight shuttles normally." Eurotunnel Freight Read more
Eurotunnel VP (Vans on Passenger)
  • Travel in isolation
  • Book and travel at a specific time
"There are limited shops and cafes available in the UK terminal building. Our passenger shuttle services continue to operate but the shops and cafés in our terminal building in France have had to close due to new French regulations. There are no current restrictions by the authorities on travel from France to the UK." Eurotunnel
Stena Line


  • Some services cancelled. Please check
  • Temperature measurement of drivers in operation
  • Freight drivers not restricted
"Today, Thursday 19 March the Stena Line Scandinavia AB board and Stena Line Group Management took the tough but necessary decision to permanently close the route between Oslo and Frederikshavn. This measure in response to the global COVID-19 that has had a substantial effect on Stena Line’s passenger operations."

"In Germany the route between Trelleborg and Sassnitz is suspended from now until estimated end of May. Stena Line reserves the right to extend the suspension depended on the spread of Covid-19 and official decree. FS Sassnitz is inlay-up in the Port of Mukran."

"Given the current situation and conditions on the North Sea, please be advised that we have decided to implement temperature measurement for freight drivers (accompanied cargo only) as of tomorrow 17th March."

"The restrictions do NOT apply to freight drivers and goods transportation. Despite of the situation and the challenges this gives us we are happy to inform you that we will keep the freight business running, which means that we give all our freight customers and your freight drivers top priority and do our outmost to ship all your driver accompanied and/or unaccompanied units." Stena Line

"Each year we perform 28,000 sailings where we connect Europe and connect people. On each of these sailings, caring for the safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Because of that, the situation with the COVID-19 has our full attention." Stena Line Read more

Irish Ferries


  • No services affected
Seatruck Ferries

Alternative Routes -


  • No accompanied vehicles services. Unaccompanied only
"To significantly reduce the risk of crew infection and cross contamination between travelling drivers we have decided to stop shipping any HGV drivers or any other passengers on our Irish Sea vessels with immediate effect.Our Irish Sea services will run as normal but will be restricted to the shipment of drop trailers and unaccompanied trade vehicles. Customers who normally move driver accompanied vehicles on our services can of course continue to move their traffic, albeit on an unaccompanied trailer only basis." Seatruck Ferries Read more


  • No sailing schedule changes
"At the start of this outbreak of coronavirus, we reviewed our systems and procedures to make sure we were following all official guidance from Public Health England and our regulators, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). We installed more hand sanitisers at our ports and on our ships and emphasised the importance of good hygiene to everyone. This includes frequent hand washing, using tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and keeping your distance from others if you feel unwell." Wightlink Read more
Brittany Ferries


  • Some services cancelled. Please check
"To help limit the further spread of Coronavirus, please be advised that all food outlets on board Brittany Ferries ships will be closed until further notice. We would therefore encourage freight drivers to bring any such supplies they require for the duration of the ferry crossing." Brittany Ferries

"The global coronavirus pandemic has forced us to consolidate some of our services. The measures we have taken are designed to ensure sufficient crew are available to operate as many services as possible, while responding to government advice for travellers visiting Ireland and Spain." Brittany Ferries Read more



  • Freight and freight transport by truck moving as normal
"Danish authorities have decided to close the Danish border for entry. The ban applies to all passengers during the period: From 12 noon on March 14 through April 13. The entry ban does NOT apply to the following groups:Freight and freight transport by truck, Danish citizens, Commuters with employment in Denmark, Other persons with strongly justified purpose." Scandlines Read more
CLdN Cobelfret

Alternative Routes -


  • No accompanied vehicles services. Unaccompanied only
"Due to the evolution of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we have no other option than to take adequate security measures. Therefore, it has been decided not to allow any passengers/ self-drive units on board of our vessels until further notice. I hope you understand that health of our passengers, crew and terminal staff is our highest priority and count on your comprehension in this important matter." CLdN
DFDS Seaways (North Sea)

Alternative Routes -


  • Limited accompanied bookings on Immingham / Felixstowe <> Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam <> Newcastle service temporarily suspended from 22/03/2020
  • No accompanied vehicles services. Unaccompanied only
"Please be advised that we are doing what we can to safeguard everyone who works for or has connection with DFDS. As such, the directive has been that we are limiting our accompanied bookings out of Immingham and Felixstowe."

"Please be advised that due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we have had to take the decision to temporally suspend our Amsterdam - Newcastle v.v service as from 22nd March 2020." DFDS Seaways

"We have decided to stop bookings of accompanied units and any other passengers on our North Sea routes from Gothenburg to Ghent, Immingham or Zeebrugge with effect as of Monday March 16, 2020 and until further notice." DFDS Seaways Read more

Northlink Ferries
  • Health assessment before travel
"Due to updated Government guidance you will now be asked prior to checking in if you have a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, if so travel will be refused." Northlink Ferries
Fjord Line


  • Some services cancelled. Please check
"In light of the serious situation related to the COVID – 19 Virus, Fjord Line is doing everything in its power to help stop the spread of the virus and is therefore canceling all the sailings between Bergen- Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund." Fjord Line Read more
Color Line
  • Some services cancelled. Please check
"Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are cancelling the sailings of M/S Color Magic & M/S Color Fantasy from 14.03.20 to 26.03.20." Color Line Read more


  • Single cabins for all drivers
"There are no plans to cancel any departures. Both the landside and seaside processes are ready to be modified according to the instructions and guidelines provided by health and other authorities." Finnlines Read more
Viking Line


  • Helsinki - Stockholm cancelled
"Due to the current situation and concerns about the corona virus (covid-19), Viking Line will cancel temporary the sailing between Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden) starting from Wednesday the 18th of March until the 13th of April 2020." Viking Line Read more

"We are currently clarifying the situation of the Helsinki–Tallinn v.v. sailings taking into account travel restrictions to Estonia, as the route is important for freight transportation. The cargo traffic continues, no restrictions for the trucks and lorries, except the sick drivers. We will provide more information as this situations changes." Viking Line

Tallink Silja
  • Some services cancelled and re-routed. Please check
"Tallink Grupp reroutes vessels Baltic Princess and Galaxy to temporarily operate on the Turku-Kapellskär route from 19 March 2020 to provide cargo transport between Finland and Sweden." Tallink Silja Stockholm – Turku cancelled to facilitate this change.

"Due to the closure of borders across Europe and a number of travel restrictions in place between countries, Tallink Grupp will start operating its vessel Star temporarily between Estonia and Germany from Thursday, 19 March 2020 to ensure transportation of goods between Estonia and western Europe." Tallink Silja

"Tallink will make changes in the timetable on Tallinn-Helsinki route starting from Wednesday 18 March 2020. Star will depart from Helsinki on Wed 18.3.2020 at 07:30, arrive in Tallinn at 09:30, and thereafter the vessel's departures are cancelled until further notice." Tallink Silja

"Tallink Grupp will suspend operations of its Tallinn-Helsinki route vessel Silja Europa from Tuesday, 17 March 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus situation and new measures adopted by the Estonian government regarding border control, entering into force from 17 March 2020." Tallink Silja Read more

"We have taken all ferries out of service on TAL-STO and RIG-STO until further notice. On Fin-Est line, Silja Europa will be out of traffic from tomorrow, but Star, Megastar and Seawind are in traffic as per usual schedule, until further notice." Tallink Silja



  • Driver health form must be completed before travel
"All drivers travelling with Polferries should have a filled in copy of this Cargo Stowage and Securing Declaration document on them."

"The Polish state has asked us for all passengers to fill out a driver health form. This is to facilitate the fight in the spread of the coronavirus. In Ystad, it will be left to us at the terminal upon check-in, while in Gdansk, the border police, customs or equivalent authority will receive this form filled in by the passengers upon departure from the boat." Polferries Read more

DFDS Seaways (Scandinavia)
  • Some services cancelled. Please check
New check-in procedure in Klaipeda.

"Following the introduction of new Danish and Norwegian government measures and restrictions intended to delay the spread of COVID-19 virus, we regret to inform you that we will temporarily suspend sailings on our Copenhagen-Oslo route." DFDS Read more

Condor Ferries


  • No accompanied vehicles services. Unaccompanied only
"With the position on Covid-19 escalating daily, Condor ferries has taken the difficult decision to halt the practice of carrying accompanied freight drivers on the two conventional ferries between its four ports of operation." Condor Ferries Read more
Superfast Ferries
  • Driver health form must be completed before travel
"Due to the extraordinary circumstances occurred because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Italian authorities require from all passengers travelling to/from the Italian ports to fill in and sign self-declaration forms for Ancona and Bari and Venice routes" Superfast Ferries Read more
Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV)
  • Currently no restrictions
Ferries are sailing as usual. GNV encourages drivers to check their temperatures before boarding the ship and upon arrival.
Grimaldi Lines (and Minoan Lines)
  • Driver health form must be completed before travel
Drivers must sign a Driver Health Form (also available at check-in) stating that they do not have any symptoms. They hope to start checking driver temperatures before departure."All passengers and drivers must fill in and deliver to the local Italian Police, during their embarkation/disembarkation process, at Ancona port." Grimaldi Lines Read more
Moby / Tirrenia
  • Currently no restrictions
Ferries sailing as usual.
Adria Ferries
  • Freight drivers not restricted
Ferries are sailing as usual. Ancona - Durres has been suspended for passengers. Freight drivers ARE allowed on the crossing.
Corsica Ferries
  • Freight drivers not restricted
  • Some services cancelled. Please check
Ferries sailing as usual. There are a few cancellations due Corsica Ferries issues, but nothing major. Authorities may carry out checks.
  • Driver health form must be completed before travel
Drivers will need to sign a self-certification form at check-in. Italian drivers may be quarantined. Drivers of other nationalities will probably be checked for symptoms.
Virtu Ferries
  • Freight drivers not restricted but there are booking requirements
"During the current restrictions on travelling, please note that until further notice, our catamaran between Malta and Pozzallo in Sicily, shall be operating as normal, carrying commercially registered vehicles (commercial vans, trucks and trailers) loaded with freight/cargo. This only valid and applicable to drivers booked with return ticket on the same vessel (in our case the catamaran), not necessarily same day. The authorities are not allowing ONE WAY tickets into Malta. Even if you would then eventually return to Sicily with another different one way ticket on another vessel, we are not authorized to load drivers without return ticket." Virtu Ferries Freight Manager

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